Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beavis and Butthead! BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!!!!!

I LOVE Beavis and Butthead!  It is somewhat contradictory to my personality but this show is sooo hilarious and awesome.  In my first year of college, I watched the show religiously and I wore out my video of the movie. I even had several posters on my dorm room wall and when friends would come to my room for the first time they would be so surprised by my Beavis and Butthead obsession because I'm not wild and crazy.  I'm more quiet and introverted and no one would think that I would be a superfan of such an idiotic show.

Anyway, I'm soo excited that it's coming back.  Above is a sneak peek of the new season.  This joins other amimated comedies currently on air that I love like South Park(!), Family Guy, American Dad, and Ugly Americans (seriously, if you're not watching Ugly Americans on Comedy Central, you're missing out).

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