Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maru the Cat for President in 2012!

I was reading a great article on by Alex Pareene along the same lines of the article I linked to yesterday about Republicans turning to conservative bloggers and talk show hosts for legislative advice.  In that article, the writer referenced a NY Times column that makes a weird suggestion for how to elect our next President.  Pareene gives us a look into the future if this weird idea were to come to pass that had me dying with laughter:

Faced with a legislative system with too many veto points and a polarized national electorate regularly splitting their votes between the right-wing party and the incoherent party of "everyone else," Friedman suggests that we elect a third-party president via Web poll. Yes!!! THAT WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING. Someone with no power base in either party, selected by Reddit users. Can't you just imagine how President Maru the Box Cat would be able to cut through this "partisanship" and get things done with "leadership" from the "radical center"? This Web poll third party will be the of politics, in that it will kill the Borders of politics. (I think the Borders of politics, in this example, is the labor movement. Sorry!)
 For the uninitiated, this is Maru the Cat:

Learn more about him here.  He could be our next President!

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